If I had a plane that can take me anywhere that place might be my home country. I was born in Guyana. Guyana is a tropical country with only rain and the sun. We have no snow so we are snowless. I would want to go there be cause I haven't been there since I was little. I would get to see my family. So that is where I want to go.


Where would my teacher go for summer vacation. I think my teacher might go to a beach because it is too hot over here. I maybe go into a pool somewhere for summer. That's what my teacher might do this summer.


If I had a wish what would I do. Would I dive into the great big blue? Or make a big blue bottle of glue? Would my wish come true. If only I knew. What would I do. Would my two best dreams come true. I hope they do. Without the blue the sky is not blue. Yes it true.60 Would my two wishes come true? And if they I would share them with you. If you had two wishes what would you do? Would you do what anyone would do? Tell me if that true. What would you do?


If I had a water park it would have a water slide with water falling down as you slide, a swing with water coming down the handle to you seat, and lots of other stuff that other parks have. This paark is special because it is open till 10:00 not like any other park. Also it would have a bouncy house a mini wipeout and a place for little kid. It would also have a sport place with water balls, bats, and more stuff. My water park would be awsome everyone would want to come but just know it would cost $0.25 each if each not paid they will be banned from the park for 20 minutes. My park would have a shop so who ever is baned can go in and eat for 10 centsbut people who is not banned can go in to.

Most of us would love a waterpark but why?

Did you know it is best to reuse, throw a way garage in the right bin. For example plastic in the plastic bin, paper in the paper bin,and bottles in a bottle bin. Ok how can we help the Earth not be distoryted with garbage. First when you have or see a candy wrapper take a glove and pick it up. At home make sure to not mix plastic with paper so everything would be in its own bin.80 So if we make sure everything is perfect there is nothing we can change the world so lets do it together.

With one of theses bottles fall on the ground everyday one more would come and cover the whole earth so think about the earth. The picture was taken by me.


I celebrate the forth of July. I sometimes have a bar-b-que. My dad and mom usually have chicken and lots more stuff. Sometimes I have a little glow in the dark necklace. Sometimes I have a little bit of fireworks to look at outside my house window. How do you celebrate the 4th of July? I love the forth of July.


Wow the biggest firework I ever saw was in tv. Although some times it would be in my grandma and grandfather's home. Last year we had my dad shoot fireworks from this big circlur box. I have got to tell you that it was the best I ever saw. The bright pink, red, orange, and green really set it off. So mostly it would be at my grandfather's and grandma's house.


What does freedom mean to me?

Freedom can mean lots of different things. To me it means we get to go to school. For example having rights to learn,walk,and play. Just like now woman has the freedom to vote. That is what freedom mean to me

I was walking along the sidewalk and, saw a SUMMER 
BLACK EXPENSIVE  POLAR BEAR  FLYING in the air. I said what is a
polar bear flying and doing in Jersey City. The sun was beaming to the ground.
It was very hot.  I was playing a
game with my cousin I won then he saw the polar bear. Soon he asked me is that a
real polar bear. I said of course not maybe it might be real. Then we saw a boy
with a controller we thought he was the one flying that big polar bear and he


Here guys this is my mission report I have to say it was hard.

Did you ever had a hard mission to a do if yes what did you have to do?

Angelika in a big big world