Boom! As the sun came out Aloud crash came from the kitchen. I found a little cat laying on the floor. So I just left like I didn’t see anything at all. I was so late for a very important date. I had to be at school in five minutes to give in my drama class homework. There I went when I opened the door nobody was there. Everybody was outside. I sat on the classroom for hours so I just left. I looked in my house to see if the cat was still there. Guess what it was there.

What do you think should I do another one?
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Mrs. Vilas
6/1/2013 07:58:48 am

No image and question for the reader at the end.

Mrs Fine 100 WC Team
6/2/2013 04:06:27 am

Hi Angelika
Firstly, I like the title of your 100 word challenge - it made me laugh because I agree! But I'm glad you gave it a go. You start off really well building up the plot line with the crash and the cat, and I think you could have used this as your problem to be resolved which would have made a stronger story. However all the way through you have used different sentence starters and structures and this makes your writing interesting to read. Well done.


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