I am grateful for hair tie. My neck would be hot if I did not have a hair tie. I love The hair ties.
I am grateful for pencils. If I did not have pencils or pen I could not write. So I love my pencils. My sister writes with them on the wall sometimes.
I am grateful for glue. If I did not have glue I could not have put thing anywhere I want.  My sister love to glue thing all over her room.
I am grateful for crayons. If I did not have crayons I could not color. My little sister loves to color lots of things.
I am grateful for notebooks. If I didn't have note books I could not write. I love to write. I write things for my sister.
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I am grateful for balls. I got this ball at a wonderful store and it bounces very high. I love to play with it. 
I am grateful for books. Some books that are $1.00 are the easy books. I read them to my little sister. She loves them.
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I am grateful for candy. If I did not have Candy. I would die. So I am very lucky I have food. I do not know how people survive with out Candy but I do not want to know how.
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I am grateful for toys. I feel very sad for the kids who don't have toys. I hope all of us kids feel that way too just imagine not having toys as you grow up. That is why I am grateful for toys. 
 What are at least 2 thing you are grateful for?

summer and maddie
5/20/2013 10:34:52 pm

nice blog!
we don't know what we would do without candy too.
cool pictures on the side as well.
try too add more punctuation. xxx

5/21/2013 12:00:11 am

Dear Angelika,

I agree that we can't live with candy. sometimes I eat candy 24/7! I like how you did a vivid description of why you feel sad about why kids don't have toys

From Lawrence,


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