The best class blog would be Mr.Salsich’s class. They put pictures to show us
what they mean.For example they were explaining to us how they use their Ipads
and they put a picture with them using the Ipads.They also put videos .For
example a little girl knows how to do an Irish dance they put a video showing us
how she does it.

Well  since the teacher puts up all the blog post I love the teachers post.
Not just because he is the only person that puts the blog post. He gives enough
details.He also give enough infomation he does not leaves us hanging.That is why
I like his Blog post.

You see we can improve blogs by reading other blogs and cheaking our work.
Student can improve their writing alot.They just need to read other blogs and
reply more.That is how we can improve our writing.Do you agree with me about
everything in this blog post? Why or Why not.

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