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What do you think is cooler jeans with sneakers  or Skirts with long boots?
I think Skirts with long boots are cooler in the summer and jeans and sneakers  are best in winter. I love skirts with long BROWN boots because they look so cute on me. Trust me you can never ever, ever like ever mess up long boots with skirts. Now that you know why I like skirts and long boots it is time for you to see why I love jeans and sneakers.
                                             Ok so Jeans and sneakers are the best because the look so cute in the winter because the blue makes it pop. Also because you feel warm too. Now before you ask me what kind of jeans pre ripped or just any kind. I love ripped trust me don't get a lot pre ripped. If you do someone else would be the same exact one  like yours.  If you do not want this to happen to you rip them yourself.

OK so this is my fashion tip check again later but remember it takes time for me to make the tip. The first person to make a comment on what should I do next. Tell me why do you want that to be on my blog.

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