Do you want to be a superhero? If yes, follow all the steps. There are about
10 steps.


You would need alot of things.Which are spider from the  Amazon Rainforest, 
not any kind of spider a black and blue spider.A leaf from the smallest tree in
the world which is found in Africa. A big rose that is the color blue, now this
is very rare you would need to go to a garden in Jersery City. A small test tube
found in New york.Something to mix with. The hardest thing to find is the
Big,Red Ice now that can be found in Antarctica, I must warn you now there is a
big polar bear right next to the red Ice.





First you have to get the black and blue spider from the Amazon Rainforest.
You have to go really deep into that rainforest .


Next you have to get that leaf from the smallest tree which is found in
Africa.It is really easy to spot this tree.Oh and make sure you get the greenish


Then you would need to get the blue rose that is in Jersey City make sure to
go to the biggest garden.


Next you have get the red ice.Make sure the polar bear does not see you.


Remeber it is in Antarctica.


Then you have to get the small tube from New York.It would be the smallest


Next you have to add water to the  small tube and a little salt.


Then you well have to mix red Ice.


Next You have to add the Blue rose and mix


Then you have to let the black and blue spider bite you.


Last but not least you have to drink the thing you made in the small


Then a Pow and a Boom you’re a superhero!!

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