Jupiter and Saturn: The Differences and Similarities
             Do you know the differences and similarities between Jupiter and
Saturn? Well if you don’t know I’ll tell you.

Jupiter and Saturn have many things in common. Jupiter and Saturn are the
same since they have rings. The rings are made of dust, rocks and ice. Jupiter
and Saturn are outer planets. They are outer planets because they are far away
from the sun. They both have moons.

Jupiter and Saturn has lots of things that are different. Jupiter has only
Sixty-three moons. Saturn has only sixty-two. As you can see Jupiter has only
one more moon then Saturn. Also Jupiter has smaller rings. Saturn has bigger
rings than Jupiter. Jupiter is bigger than Saturn. Saturn is smaller than
Jupiter for sure, but by a little bit because Saturn is the second biggest
planet while Jupiter is the first. As some people know Jupiter does not have the
clearest rings, some people don’t know. The plant that has the clearest rings is
of course Saturn ,but you can only see Saturn’s rings from a telescope.


The similarities and Differences is good to know because if you have a test
about Jupiter and Saturn you are sure to get an A. That is why it is great to
know the differences and similarities.

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