Now I wanted to ask you something. Hm? What was it, oh yes. Do you want to
know what I am writing about? If you do I  will tell you.

I got to tell you about my favorite movie, series and toys. For example Hello
  Kitty  they have movies and series and toys for her. There is one thing I like
that is close to Hello Kitty but is……………………………….

Aw you guessed it ,how by the way? Yes it is Monster High if you were close
good guess anyway.Now Monster High is the best they are monsters but nice.Wait
did my tile helped you guess. Anyway Monster High is the best thing I ever saw
in my whole life. If you go on you would find all the monsters
they have in school.You can also make your own account. Also if you take a quiz
you can see which monster you at like.

What is your favorite thing? Why?

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