Dear Mr.Murphy, I would like to suggest one new class to our wonderful school. You see having this class would be absolutely positively exciting to have.Can you guess? Alright I'll tell you the class I would like to have is science, I know what you're saying. We already have science class, but I mean a science class with the tubs and all that.Also with a science lab.     [caption id="attachment_3580" align="alignnone" width="182"] Photo Credit: Lori Greig via Compfight cc[/caption] This is why kids that have a hard time learning might get better so they will get an At.I think most kids will be better at science if they have something in front of them.Also I guess lot of children would be happy to try it out,I would and I think my class would too.Maybe two times a week each class can go.This is really important to me I always wanted a science lab in our school. My opinion why we should have that science lab is because kids would feel like they have more dignity in themselves!! They would feel like the whole world is counting on them!! That would be great and that gives them more self beliefs . That self belief makes them feel like they would get an At no matter what because they tried. My last reason why is because kids that don't like to do work would love to do this.They would like to do this because it is fun and they get to use those glasses, tubes, and more stuff found in science labs. I think this is good because it is like taking a break of all your work and have fun,this is something some kids don't know you learn every second.So they would think their not learning but they are.That is why I think we should have a science lab! From, Angelika  

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