The turkey who escape on the day before Thanksgiving. “Ring ring” the phone rang continuously. “Hello” said the farmer’s wife Linda in a sleepy way. “Hello this is the happy family. We need a big and round turkey delivered by today at 176 Very Happy Road.” “Today, what time, where again, describe it again?” Linda Happy happy was so happy. “Um let me see the time will be at 6:30 Deliver at 172, I mean 176 Very Happy Road. We want it big and round.” The costumer said it again. While the costumer said her order Linda thought of the turkey that had purple and blue feathers, nice and round and big. That turkey was in the back of all the turkeys. Linda woke up the farmer and they ate. When they went outside they opened the gate and every single turkey jumped out and ran! That was a bigger problem first they have to get all the turkeys where they belong, then they had to get the turkey they needed to deliver. "Ah we need to get all the turkeys in quickly!” said Linda. The farmer ask “what kind of turkey do we need?” “The turkey with the purple and Blue feather.” Linda replied. “Oh ok but that one is very hard to find.” The farmer said. When they putted them back they found the turkey with purple and blue feathers they took her and put her in the back of the truck. About 10 miles they stopped to feed the turkey as they knew they feeds the other animals. After exactly 20 miles they stopped to eat something forgetting about the turkey, but when they where at the door they saw a picture of a turkey. Just then they walked back and closed the windows. When they came outside they went in the truck but before they could close the door………… “Woof!’ a big dog jumped on them, and the turkey jumped out and ran. Linda and the famer ran, and ran , but they got too tired to run so they had to go back to the farm and get another turkey. That is how the turkey escape on the day Thanksgiving.

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