As I sat  the birds swooped down and almost hit me in the head.They came right back. I screamed for help no one came to help me. I ran as fast as I could into the café that made yummy treats for kids. I had just the correct amount of money so that I could buy 2 dozen red velvet cupcake that was my favorite. I went outside to see if the annoying pest (birds) where still there and guess what there were there. So I called my dad to pick me up from the café. Ahh those birds!

McGee, Flo. img_0455.jpg. March 2010. Pics4Learning. 3 Jun 2013
What do you think of my  100 words post?
6/3/2013 02:54:24 am

I love the pert went to the cafe and get a cupcake.

6/4/2013 01:35:34 pm

YUM! That makes me hungry for red velvet cupcakes. Nice descriptive words.

Saoirse ( Ireland )
6/6/2013 08:51:25 pm

Wow what a great story! Maybe next time you could highlight the prompt so that the reader can see what the prompt for the week is. Well done!

6/10/2013 04:29:31 pm

i like hafizah is a really nice to me old the time


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